• Linda Cohn in Blue

    Linda Cohn in blue autograph photo


    ESPN’s Linda Cohn looks amazing in blue. Confident and a consummate professional with 5000K shows on SportsCenter, Linda Cohn is a trail blazer.

  • frontside of Linda Cohn cetificate of authenticityLinda Cohn Autograph

    Linda Cohn in Red Autograph


    Look out for the lady in red as Linda Cohn fires up this picture with her perfect pose. Buy a signed autograph of Linda Cohn and own an official Linda Cohn picture. As a pioneer of women sportscasters, Linda Cohn celebrates her 5000th show on SportsCenter. Exclusively available through LCG Signatures



  • Ice Time with Linda Cohn

    Linda Cohn Plays Hockey Autograph


    Everyone knows Linda Cohn loves hockey and what better place for a quick pose than an ice rink and hockey stick. Buy Linda Cohn’s signed autograph for your collection and own an authentic photo with authenticity card and hologram seal, exclusively through LCG Signatures. Enjoy ice time with Linda Cohn.




  • Linda Cohn signed NY Rangers souvenir hockey stick

    Linda Cohn signed New York Ranger souvenir stick


    Own an official autograph of Linda Cohn on her favorite hockey team’s souvenir hockey stick – the New York Rangers.  As a pioneer for women sportscasters, Linda celebrates her 5000th show on Feb 2016 and is considered America’s top 25 broadcasters. Linda looks spectacular on set as she radiates confidence and beauty on set.  No male or female has hosted more SportsCenters than Linda. Collect all her signed autograph memorabilia, includes hologram numbered seal and authenticity card.