Linda finally visits the Hockey Hall of Fame

Linda finally visits the Hockey Hall of Fame

Linda Cohn has anchored ESPN shows themed on the Super Bowl, the World Series, March Madness, the World Cup and the Triple Crown of horse racing.

But approaching her landmark 5,000th SportsCenter show on Sunday, Cohn had not taken the pilgrimage she’d dreamt about since playing net for her all-boys high-school hockey team. A trip to Toronto to see the Hall of Fame and watch a game at the Air Canada Centre.

Cohn, who grew up on Long Island a fan of the Rangers before the Islanders became hot, made the trek with her brother Howard on Thursday, spending the morning as a guest of the Hall before attending the Leafs-Rangers game at the ACC.

“This is a religious experience for me,” the TV host said after getting a tour of the Esso Great Hall and the one-time bank vault where the original Stanley Cup and team bands are kept. “From the moment I walked in, my mouth was open, like a little girl in a candy store. I like to people-watch, too and it was great to see the looks on some other first-time visitors.

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