Linda Cohn Speaks at Chicago Ideas Week Forum

Linda Cohn Speaks at Chicago Ideas Week Forum

Creativity at Work

Linda Cohn continues to mentor and share her leadership ideas at the Chicago Ideas Week which runs from October 17-23, 2016.

Chicago ideas Week

ESPN’s Sportscenter, Linda Cohn is scheduled to speak in Creativity at Work on 10/18/2016 at 4:00 pm during the Chicago Ideas Week.  This exciting seven-day festival features over 200 global thought leaders and innovators speaking on a variety of topics ranging from leadership and life’s lessons, to science and technology, to the most pressing issues of the day and the most creative insights in entertainment. More than 150 engaging programs are offered each Chicago Ideas Week to stimulate, inspire and enlighten participants while providing the opportunity for attendees to think, dream and connect.

Chicago Ideas Week with Linda Cohn
Chicago Ideas Week has showcased a diverse lineup of speakers over the past five years, featuring some of the most important minds of our time. An impressive panel of past speakers include President Bill Clinton, General Colin Powell, Jack Welch, Martha Stewart, Desiree Rogers, Lupe Fiasco, Deepak Chopra, Marilu Henner, Reverend Al Sharpton, George Lucas, Sal Kahn, Hillary Clinton, Sean Combs, Malcolm Gladwell, Sandra Day O’Connor, Buzz Aldrin, Mike Bloomberg, Donna Karan, Rep. John Lewis, Martine Rothblatt and many, many more.

The week and the mission has continued to grow over the past five years and Chicago Ideas is now thrilled to offer the same caliber of programming February through June with the Curiosity Series.

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