Linda Cohn gets listed as a finalist for the NSMA 2016 Hall of Fame Class

Linda Cohn gets listed as a finalist for the NSMA 2016 Hall of Fame Class

Twenty of sports media’s best sportscasters and sportswriters comprise the list of finalists for the National Sports Media Association’s 2016 Hall of Fame class. Those making their first appearance on the final ballot are sportscasters James Brown, Linda Cohn, Frank Gifford, Bryant Gumbel and Greg Gumbel, along with sportswriters Ira Berkow, Mike Lupica and Claire Smith.

“What a great honor to be listed as a finalist among such great sportscasters.”  -Linda Cohn, ESPN Sportscaster

The NSMA’s Board of Directors and Hall of Fame committee members shaped the list of finalists, which included several who were on last year’s ballot.

NSMA members will receive an emailed ballot on December 1 and have until December 31 to vote.

2016 NSSA Awards – Final Ballot



⃝           James Brown, CBS

⃝           *Skip Caray, Atlanta Braves TV

⃝           Linda Cohn, ESPN

⃝           Woody Durham, U. of North Carolina Radio

⃝           *Chris Economaki, ABC, others

⃝           *Frank Gifford, ABC/ESPN, others

⃝           Bryant Gumbel, NBC, HBO

⃝           Greg Gumbel, CBS, NBC

⃝           *Dan Kelly, CBS, St. Louis Blues

⃝           Tim McCarver, NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX



⃝           Ira Berkow, NY Times, NEA, others

⃝           Thomas Boswell, Washington Post

⃝           *Ray Fitzgerald, Boston Globe

⃝           Jerry Green, Detroit News

⃝           *Sam Lacy, Baltimore Afro-American

⃝           Mike Lupica, New York Daily News

⃝           Claire Smith, Hartford Courant, New York Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, ESPN

⃝           Art Spander Oakland Tribune, The Sporting News

⃝           Dick Weiss, Philadelphia Daily News, NY Daily News, Blue Star Media

⃝           *Dick Young, New York Daily News

Click here to see the complete list of Finalists


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