Find the Positive

Find the Positive

Linda Cohn Inspires, Mentors, and Connects with a Positive Message

ESPN Sportscaster, Linda Cohn is a powerhouse speaker, emcee, moderator, and mentor. 2016 is the year for Linda Cohn as she reaches her 5000th milestone show on ESPN SportsCenter and continues her campaign to mentor kids with the uplifting campaign to “Find the Positive”. She wants to connect with her fans, young and old. Being a die hard hockey, she shared her story in front of 700+ kids in the city of Anaheim at Valadez Intermediate School. The Superintendent, School Board Members, Mayor Tom Tait, and the very gracious principal James Hardin welcomed Linda Cohn with an amazing event for all the students.

Linda Cohn mentors young kids

“Mentoring…I love it because that is what it’s all about in this stage of the game. I want kids who grew up like me to find something that makes them happy. You must enjoy what you do. I grew up listening to sad music and when hockey came along, it made me happy. I go to work excited. I don’t work for a living. I get paid to talk “Sports”! It’s important that our kids carve their own path and don’t let anyone tell them that they can’t do what they want for a living”. – Linda Cohn

Linda motivates her audience with an uplifting campaign to Find the Positive. This video shows Linda Cohn speaking at Valadez Intermediate School, mentoring young girls in a group session with Q&A, and finally, mentoring the more kids from at the Anaheim Ducks training facility. Her brother, Dr. Howard Cohn, DC from the Cohn Health Institute joined in on the fun to emcee the event and help with the mentoring on ice.

Linda Cohn mentors on ice

Linda hopes to continue the Find the Positive campaign with a series of short inspiring videos captured from her mentoring session to reach across America and let kids know from all backgrounds and races that they can reach their goals. Follow their dreams and do exactly what they want in life. If you are interested in having Linda Cohn speak at your event and inspire your group or organization, book Linda Cohn here.

Watch the full video presentation of Linda Cohn at Valadez Intermediate School on Youtube here

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