A Pioneer for Women Sportscasters

Linda Cohn has long been considered a pioneer for women sportscasters. She has graced our television sets for over 23 years as one of the first full-time female sports anchors. In the illustrious history of ESPN, nobody has hosted more SportsCenters than Linda Cohn.

A fixture on SportsCenter for nearly a quarter of a century, Linda Cohn reached a milestone with ESPN’s signature news and information program on her 5000th show on Feb 2016. Cohn, who has hosted more editions of SportsCenter than anyone in the 36-year history of the program is very humbled for being recognized.

Linda is a master at her craft. She can relate to the true sports fan because she IS a true sports fan. She is a brilliant storyteller who uses her wit, imagination and passion for sports to make the stories she delivers come alive. She connects with her viewers, because she is the real deal.

Linda is living proof that she not only works in a man’s world but also continues to succeed in it. She is a pioneer and role model and continues to pave the way for many women who want to follow her footsteps into sports broadcasting.

Her straightforward style, natural sense of humor and passionate fanaticism for the teams she grew up with and continues to root for, connects with viewers. Linda is active on social media and enjoys interacting with her fan base. Read more

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