Linda Cohn has long been considered a pioneer for woman sportscasters and a true American icon. She has graced our television sets for over 21 years as one of the first full-time female sports anchors and is recognized as one of America’s most successful female sports anchors. Linda has been one of only a few that have been a constant mainstay on ESPN’s SportsCenter, since July of 1992. Today you can see her regularly on SportsCenter.

In addition to her anchor duties on SportsCenter, Linda has her own podcast entitled “Listen Closely to Linda Cohn”, which can be downloaded by going to ESPN.com/podcenter or iTunes. You can also follow her on Twitter @Lindacohn.

Linda has also authored a popular book, Cohn-Head in which she tells her story of a no-holds-barred account of breaking into the boys’ club. Her story allows us to see her both personally and professionally; her dreams, victories, disappointments, obstacles and her gut determination Cohn_Linda_bioto win.

Linda is a master at her craft.  She can relate to the true sports fan because she IS a true sports fan.  She is a master storyteller and uses her wit, imagination and passion for sports to make the stories she delivers come alive.  She connects with her viewers, because she is the real deal.