NSMA Hall of Fame Inductee

Linda Cohn on the SC set

A Pioneer for Women Sportscasters

Linda Cohn has long been considered a pioneer for women sportscasters.  She has graced our television sets for over 25 years as one of the first full-time female sports anchors. In the illustrious history of ESPN, nobody has hosted more sportscasters – male or female.

“I was so pleasantly surprised because what I do and why I’ve done this for so many years is because it’s my passion. I love sports, and it’s in my DNA. I enjoy the roller coaster of being a sports fan and being where it’s all happening.  To be acknowledged for what I do while I ‘m doing it and not years after when I retire, that was huge for me.”

Linda Cohn, NSMA Hall of Fame Inductee 2017

Linda is a master at her craft. She can relate to the true sports fan because she IS a true sports fan. She is a brilliant storyteller who uses her wit, imagination and passion for sports to make the stories she delivers come alive. She connects with her viewers, because she is the real deal. Linda can usually be seen hosting Sportscenter at 11pm ET

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Cohn-Head: a no holds-barred account of breaking into the boy’s club

Get the latest copy of Cohn-Head by Linda Cohn and read about one of America’s most successful female anchor as she lays bare her hard-fought rise to the top of the sportscasting boys’ club and her life inside the ESPN empire, talks candidly about sports personalities she has met, and reveals her personal top ten lists plus much, much more.

Linda Cohn's Secret Arsenal: SevenPoint2

Linda’s Secret Arsenal

How does Linda stay so young looking on SportsCenter all these years? Her secret to staying vibrant emotionally, physically, and mentally is the Alkaline Diet and her shake ritual with SevenPoint2.  Learn more about the Alkaline Diet

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